Like the Ship & the Sea

The ship sets sails one fine morning, into the golden yellow waters.
It looked doubly cheerful; and there was passion and exuberance.
After long, the anchors had been raised, screeching out of rust.
And slowly, the ship moved ahead, as the winds aided furtherance.

It danced along with waves, as the sea roared to the marine-beats.
The dolphins leaping up from its womb, like raring shooting stars.
The twitches and the turns in the air; and the plunge back into water.
Everything was so jolly about the ship, like a bird escaping the bars.

Sometimes it floated smoothly, as if taking a sunbath in peace.
Sometimes it pranced onto the waves, as they passionately mate.
Sometimes it struggled to fight, as if stunned by her sudden rage.
Sometimes it rippled on under the moon; as if ball-danced on a date.

There were times it got vexed over her and refused to move ahead.
She wouldn’t give up either; everything paused dead that moment.
No matter how much we would try, they would not see eye to eye.
We would leave it to them to decide, and find their lost love again.

Slowly and steadily, they come into rhythm, breezing ahead again.
As we march onto the unknown ends of this beautiful hidden world.
It again mingles into her realm, and we sail agog wherever she takes.
It is her charm that takes away this ship; it loses itself into her depths.

Sometimes she’s in a playful mood, and she splashes water on its deck.
It joins her in the play and rocks all the unaware innocent lives on ride.
Sliding left and then swinging right, as they jingle along and make love.
The masts struggle to hold upright, and the anchors threaten to strike.

Like the ship and the sea, we all live waiting so long for her to arrive.
Waiting to meet her someday, waiting destiny to unveil her beauty;
And then the magic flows, and we dance along in love and in bliss.
In all moments of passion and tiffs; I’m her ship and she is my sea.

© Manish Ranjan, 2015

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