Fade into Oblivion

As I turn the pages of the story of my life, in pensive silence…
I contemplate, and think about other countless stories.
They came into this world, struggled through their times…
They too had tales- untold and unread pages of anonymity.

They were people from varied era, but they were free souls…
They were trapped in the chains of life and its unending melee…
They fought hard; they tried to live- tried to earn their place…
They loved, they thrived, and they pushed hard with little glee…

The kings, the soldiers, the slaves, the farmers, the sages of all ages…
Whatever they did in their lives was difficile, but a beautiful story.
Not everyone is remembered; they were not heralded royalty.
Still they wrote their chapters, mostly painful pages and some happy.

I now think of my story, the pages I turn as I move on.
I look back and pause, at the pathways that I treaded on.
Some were moments of bliss, some painful time-ticks.
I think of people who came into my life and those who’re gone.

They made my story lively, they made my story beautiful.
A lot came with blessings and a lot made my tale painful.
But I thank everyone, because I was in their story like a trivium.
Like those untold tales, my story too, someday, will fade into oblivion.

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© , 2015

3 thoughts on “Fade into Oblivion”

  1. An excellent work. We the writers, may “fade into” oblivion,” but I believe the stories we told and tell remain to be discovered or someday just uncovered. We write because, it must be written. Others read because it must be read. Write ON, my friend!


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    1. Thank you Dahni 🙂 Indeed we write because stories must be written and above all it’s a passion… we have our own world of imagination and we constantly create like a beautiful architecture with our words. Indeed it is beautiful story for all of us no matter what happens in the end. Thanks for reading. Cheers!


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