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The Heart Locker

Time will fly by and life will move on, until forever.
What we find and what we keep will always stay.
Deep inside our hearts, like an age old museum.
Like the precious words in a book from yesterday.

Your words of love and whispers right from your heart.
The moments of endless laughter; so silly and stupid.
Our confessions, night-long talks, occasional giggles.
Stay with me like poems; like a sweet song of cupid.

The moment I saw you, for the first time, and my heartbeat.
The rush of passion in my veins when you first held my hand.
The flow of shiver through my bones when we first hugged.
That tear drop hanging on your eyelash, when we first kissed.

When you came running to me and crashed onto my chest.
When you cried your heart out, hiding in my tight embrace.
When you rested your head on my shoulder, holding me close.
When we walked on the beach at the sunset, making promises.

When I lost it and you, when you left me in a fit of rage.
When in silence I repented, and in silence I missed you.
When I begged for forgiveness, and you came back with a smile.
I wanted to say sorry a thousand times, and that I love you.

I wish I could live them again, I wish I could turn back time.
These moments are precious to me; I want to hold them forever.
I wish to write our story one day someday, for you and for us.
And keep those memories and you, safe inside my heart locker.

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© , 2015

The Beautiful You

“I am a romantic poet”- I said to you, when I proudly introduced myself.
You seemed skeptical; I don’t have words; I didn’t and you knew.
I didn’t have words, it’s true; you were perfectly right as you smiled.
When I fell silent that moment, when you asked me to describe you.

I didn’t have words that moment; I was basking in awe of you.
I didn’t know your smile was that magical; I was like a frozen frond.
I didn’t know that your eyes were that mesmerizing; and I was lost,
Into your own world, where you were the queen with a magic wand.

I didn’t have words that moment; I was lost in your spells of charm.
My heart was tangled somewhere in your long, golden and silky hair.
It beat loud and clear, and it made me nervy, that it would spill all.
This silly heart was such a traitor, it left my chest for you; it’s so unfair.

I didn’t have words that moment; because you had held my hands.
Your tenderness had given me a shiver; the blood was now gushing.
Your wanting eyes, your gleaming lips and your melodious voice…
Had taken my breath away; I was a statuette in living form, blushing.

I was lost in thoughts, fighting to figure out a reason for this silence.
Your breath and its fragrance had clouded my mind with dense mist.
My soul knew not what had happened to it; a moment of destiny it felt.
It had met its partner after a thousand years; that seemed to be the gist.

I wish you could hear my heart beat; it was trying to say everything.
But my voice had deserted me that very moment; I was all into you.
It was about to say that you’re the angel from my sweetest dreams.
It wanted to say that it loves you; the happy me and the beautiful you.

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© , 2015

Review of Glittering Shadows on Booktica by Kalyan Panja

In his own words…

Glittering Shadows is the poetic journey of Manish Ranjan who narrate an unspeakable and the invisible truth, and walk through a lonely and painful fact of atmosphere that cannot be defined, of certainties of the heart, of feelings that skim barely, shadows that become firm and a yearning burning of the beloved.

A path is not easy to those who set out to analyze an existential condition, in an attempt to enter, remain in the doorway, in the philosophical dimension of this poetry collection and what emerges is a portrait of a poet who uses words harmoniously ruling them with the rigor and brilliance of a great bard, as if they were one with him, and comes as an excellent knowledge and ability to use the instrumentation rhetoric, of a singular expressive compactness, of choice of words, finally, deeply motivated.

Through his passionate words, the author pours his vision of problematic restless existence with a full circle in celebration of poetry in all its manifestations through the pages of a book, in the heart of a poet, in a precious perfume bottle. The poetry comes from everything that has a spark of revelation and has a myriad of sparks to reveal to our nose and our skin in an unforgettable lesson in poetry…Read more on the original review page!

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That Forlorn Smile

It was a gloomy morn, instilling inertia into my somnolent body.
Driven by the obligation of job, responsibility and its endless travail,
I hurriedly reached my workplace, with fast-shrinking enthusiasm,
As I stepped into the entrance, there was rush and flux of priority.

Regular greetings from the reception, and the sight of wide smiles,
It was a different world altogether, unaware of the cheerless sky.
I looked at my watch, and as always, I discovered myself to be late,
And I increased my pace, refueled my drowsy legs, I took my stride.

Then came a sudden pause, a sudden flash of glittering light…
Time now ticked leisurely, as I raised my eyes at the incandescence…
It was her, walking slowly; her eyes hiding behind the shy eye-lids.
Her silky hair somehow flew behind, against some incognito winds.

She looked like a forgotten angel, with glowing fairness and glossy lips.
Everything else zoomed out of my vision, it was only her somehow.
My eyes just stuck on her pretty face, my hurried footsteps had frozen.
It was like she had ceased the flow of time, it ticked microseconds now.

She lifted her face; swayed back her long locks behind to the other side.
She was now looking into my eyes; her eyelids could no more hide ‘em.
They were once white and brown, now seemed moist and only scarlet.
She removed a stranded hair from her lips; her eyes still looking into mine.

I couldn’t even blink, as if I was a surprised-eyed framed portray.
Her eyelashes flashed in between, her beauty glistening all the while.
I wanted to greet her, say her a few words, gathering a bit of courage.
But I couldn’t utter a sole word; she just passed by with a forlorn smile.

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© , 2015

At the end of the tunnel

Into the darkness I treaded, pitch dark, filthy and stone cold.
I knew not how I ended up there- it had no beginning and no end.
I knew not if my shadow followed me or had deserted me.
I just walked agonizingly slow, a bit scared and full of incredulity.

I felt myself shabby- my body wrapped in rags and full of dirt…
My face full of blood and sweat, my fingers with long end nails.
I wondered if it was a dream; I punched myself to wake up.
It hurt and so did the reality- as I kept my feet moving frontward.

There was a scary quietude and only my footsteps kept echoing…
I paused for a moment and tried to listen for one sole voice…
But there was just stillness- like in the gated grave yards…
I shouted out loud and its echo spread and faded into silence…

There was no back and there was not front- I just strolled…
Into further slumping darkness… into magnified hopelessness…
I trudged till my feet bled- hitting my head and kicking the walls…
I pleaded for an end… for a ray of hope or a hand of guidance…

I cried for my love… I begged for forgiveness for my sins…
I made a thousand promises and yelled a thousand curses…
My bloody and sweaty face now had tears of penitence…
As I walked like a sinner, and cried endlessly like an orphan…

Now I started praying for my love, and for her happiness.
I started forgiving one and all for the wrongdoings and selfishness…
I said a thousand sorries to one and all whom I had hurt…
For once in my life I killed my ego and heard the sound of silence…

But I hadn’t stopped yet; my legs had somehow gained vigor…
I now walked a free man in a godforsaken pitch black tunnel…
I had an enigmatic smile on my parched lips and a glitter in my eyes…
I now see an end to the tunnel – my love waiting, basking in love-light.

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© , 2015