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That Forlorn Smile

It was a gloomy morn, instilling inertia into my somnolent body.
Driven by the obligation of job, responsibility and its endless travail,
I hurriedly reached my workplace, with fast-shrinking enthusiasm,
As I stepped into the entrance, there was rush and flux of priority.

Regular greetings from the reception, and the sight of wide smiles,
It was a different world altogether, unaware of the cheerless sky.
I looked at my watch, and as always, I discovered myself to be late,
And I increased my pace, refueled my drowsy legs, I took my stride.

Then came a sudden pause, a sudden flash of glittering light…
Time now ticked leisurely, as I raised my eyes at the incandescence…
It was her, walking slowly; her eyes hiding behind the shy eye-lids.
Her silky hair somehow flew behind, against some incognito winds.

She looked like a forgotten angel, with glowing fairness and glossy lips.
Everything else zoomed out of my vision, it was only her somehow.
My eyes just stuck on her pretty face, my hurried footsteps had frozen.
It was like she had ceased the flow of time, it ticked microseconds now.

She lifted her face; swayed back her long locks behind to the other side.
She was now looking into my eyes; her eyelids could no more hide ‘em.
They were once white and brown, now seemed moist and only scarlet.
She removed a stranded hair from her lips; her eyes still looking into mine.

I couldn’t even blink, as if I was a surprised-eyed framed portray.
Her eyelashes flashed in between, her beauty glistening all the while.
I wanted to greet her, say her a few words, gathering a bit of courage.
But I couldn’t utter a sole word; she just passed by with a forlorn smile.

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© , 2015