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Fade into Oblivion

As I turn the pages of the story of my life, in pensive silence…
I contemplate, and think about other countless stories.
They came into this world, struggled through their times…
They too had tales- untold and unread pages of anonymity.

They were people from varied era, but they were free souls…
They were trapped in the chains of life and its unending melee…
They fought hard; they tried to live- tried to earn their place…
They loved, they thrived, and they pushed hard with little glee…

The kings, the soldiers, the slaves, the farmers, the sages of all ages…
Whatever they did in their lives was difficile, but a beautiful story.
Not everyone is remembered; they were not heralded royalty.
Still they wrote their chapters, mostly painful pages and some happy.

I now think of my story, the pages I turn as I move on.
I look back and pause, at the pathways that I treaded on.
Some were moments of bliss, some painful time-ticks.
I think of people who came into my life and those who’re gone.

They made my story lively, they made my story beautiful.
A lot came with blessings and a lot made my tale painful.
But I thank everyone, because I was in their story like a trivium.
Like those untold tales, my story too, someday, will fade into oblivion.

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© , 2015

The Chained Soul

Sometimes, I look in the mirror and see my inner self.
Tied with shackles of past, prejudice and penitence.
I struggle hard to break free, and leave behind this broken self.
But I know not why, I lack the strength, the motivation and sanguineness.

Every day, in my dream, I would see myself, growing weaker and fragile.
Like this lonely heart, shattered- a countless pieces, scattered…
But in my dream, I see a hand; The Hand of an angel- soft but not frail.
That pulls me with all her strength, but the demonic shackles won’t break but clatter!

These fetters try to hold me back into the darkness, endlessly, shamelessly…
But that hand tries harder, and my hands bleed; I cry- not out of pain…
I cry, because I had started liking the darkness, and this hand was pulling me away.
Because I found love in these shackles which won’t let me go, and pull me back again!

This hand, then holds mine, tighter, to let me know that she is with me.
That I need not worry, and that I need not be scared; she wants me to hold onto it.
I start feeling the strength; I start regaining the faith- in her and in me.
I then, give my all and break those chains, and then I see the light and my angel’s smile.

But then my dream ends, and I still find myself in chains and pitch-black darkness.
I cry for her- my angel; but she wouldn’t come, and I wait sleeplessly, hopelessly…
But today, I saw that hand again; It’s not a dream this time.
Today, I gave into her powers and charms, and she has finally set me free…

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© , 2015

Hold on a bit longer

My ship is sailing dangerously in these violent waters.
The clouds are dark, like a demon has risen from hell.
There are thunders in the sky, and menacing flashes.
Sails are about to tear apart, masts about to fall as well.

My ship has now cracks; the sound of the waves’ deafening.
As they hit my little ship with colossal force, breaking it more.
My head says abandon the ship and embrace the death storm.
But my heart says stay put; fight it out; soon I’ll hit the shore.

A lightening comes down to my ship like a bolt of death.
Hits on the mast and tears away my sail, creating a big hole.
And then rain descends, adding strength to the tempest.
My life is at stake and so is my ship’s fate; yet I hope of shoal.

Oh Almighty! Give me the strength to fight and will so strong.
Fill my heart with blood of hope; fill my veins with courage to survive.
Give me a moment to stabilize my ship, and vim to hold my wheel.
Mine is a tiny ship, battling hard to live, with a resolve to go the limit.

Oh Ocean! I can see your fury; I can feel your rage in my bones.
My shoulders are broken; my arms are tired, but I won’t give up.
I am a sailor with no limits; I live to sail and I fear not death.
My ship lives in me, feeds off my fortitude, she is my only love.

In calm waters we just drift along, in merry and on song.
But in turbulent times, we fight hard and grow ever stronger.
We stick together, hand in hand; we never dread or panic.
We are not giving up yet, Oh Storm! We hold on a bit longer.

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© Manish Ranjan, 2015