Wish List

101 Things I wish to do Before I Die

  1. Write a story of my life
  2. Make a collection of movies of lifetime
  3. Cliff Jumping ——— Done
  4. Have a company of my own
  5. Turn off my mobile phone for a week
  6. Win a tournament in all sports I play
  7. Sky Diving
  8. Bungee Jumping———- Done
  9. Scuba diving
  10. Under water walk ———- Done
  11. Snorkeling ———– Done
  12. Send a message in a bottle ———- Done
  13. Learn a musical instrument and play my favorite song and sing to someone I love
  14. Plant a tree and carve my name and name of someone I love together
  15. Photograph an endangered species in its natural habitat
  16. Go on a holiday without any luggage
  17. Learn a different language
  18. River Rafting through rapids ———- Done
  19. Play an elaborate practical joke ————- Done
  20. Spend New Year’s eve helping someone ————- Done
  21. Meditate 3 hours in a sitting
  22. Spend a week at sea
  23. Get remarried in Vegas once married
  24. Skinny dip in any freezing cold water body ————- Done
  25. Spend a night in a haunted house
  26. Create an online alter ego
  27. Paragliding ————– DoneΒ 
  28. Make fire old fashioned way and light a cigarette with it
  29. Make my own fish fry ———– Done
  30. Sleep outdoors watching stars in the sky ————- Done
  31. Cook something I have grown
  32. Write an innovative Last day email in any company ————- Done
  33. Visit source of the greatest river, Ganges
  34. Catch a fish and eat it that day ————- Done
  35. Learn to throw a boomerang
  36. Visit some place the highest in the world ———- Done
  37. Ride a giant roller coaster ———- Done
  38. Build a tree house
  39. Build a snowman
  40. Build a big sand castle ——————— Done
  41. Do a roar and snore at the zoo ————- Done
  42. Para-sailing ——————— Done
  43. Climb an active volcano
  44. Hire a house boat
  45. Build something that will last even after death
  46. Travel around the world the entire diameter of earth
  47. Travel one diagonal of India on road
  48. Travel to all the capital cities in India
  49. Yak safari in Sikkim, India
  50. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  51. Cut my own hair ———— Done
  52. Get involved in a protest rally ————- Done
  53. Leave a love note in someones bag
  54. Wear fancy dress whole day ————- Done
  55. Make a baby laugh ————- Done
  56. Get my fortune told ————- Done
  57. Make love on beach
  58. Give flowers to someone for no reason ———- Done
  59. Watch the Lunar eclipse ————- Done
  60. Watch the Solar eclipse ————- Done
  61. Walk through knee deep mud ————- Done
  62. Write a letter to my grandchildren
  63. Read all the plays of Shakespeare ————- Done
  64. Smile at 100 strangers
  65. Google myself
  66. Do a first aid course ————- Done
  67. Live off the land for a week
  68. Keep a diary for a whole year
  69. Take a vow of silence for a day ———- Done
  70. Fast for 48 hours
  71. Donate blood ————- Done
  72. Run a marathon
  73. Make a kite and fly it ————- Done
  74. Listen to my song collection right through ————- Done
  75. Skip with my kids at the beach
  76. Finish a Crossword or Sudoku or Rubik’s cube ————- Done
  77. Contact my childhood sweetheart
  78. Pretend to be invisible
  79. Test drive a car I can’t afford
  80. Save someone’s life ————- Done
  81. Write to my favourite author
  82. Walk with someone I love in the beach under the moon lit sky
  83. Set foot on all continents
  84. Give a beggar my lunch ————- Done
  85. Go on a trekking with all my gear
  86. Fly in a balloon
  87. Tell my mom that I love her
  88. Flying Fox jumping ———– Done
  89. Get in the Record Books
  90. Stand on the equator and set foot on both hemispheres at the same time —- Reached Tropic of Cancer πŸ™‚
  91. Visit the seven wonders of the world
  92. Take Salsa lessons with someone I love
  93. Attend Republic Day Parade
  94. Tiger Safari in the Tiger reserves ————- Done
  95. Volunteer at an Orphanage
  96. See a twilight
  97. Win a lottery
  98. Shower in a waterfall ————————– Done
  99. Sleep for 24 hours
  100. Climb on the roof of a train ————- Done
  101. Purchase a car with my debit card

Each of these items which I have already done, has a unique story behind it. I will write them in the Wish List Story section of this blog. Do check out the same πŸ™‚

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