Wish List Stories

It has been a decade since I first compiled my wishlist. This list originally had 25 wishes, which grew over time and now has 101 wishes. It has been a long journey and every wish has made me yearn for more in life. It gives immense pleasure in accomplishing any wish or dream but the journey that I have made to achieve it has made me a better person and has shaped my character.

It is difficult to compile a list of wishes in a single sitting. This list evolves over time as is the nature of human. It comes in your thoughts with your surroundings, what you see or hear, when you travel, when you are alone; it can also come in your dreams. The best thing about writing it down is when you look at it after a couple of months, every wish accomplished will take you back to the day when that wish came true, and you’ll have a smile on your face.

Whichever wish that has come true, has a unique story associated with it. In this section I will cover each story. It is wonderful to remember these events and some of them has really changed me as a person.

Here is a short video I had made a couple of years ago. I could have made it better… I certainly think some day, I’ll work on it with some amendments as well πŸ™‚

I think everyone should have a wishlist. It is like a target to achieve in life and keeps you motivated and gives your ship of life a direction. So wait no further and write down your own list even if you have accomplished some of them.

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