The Cliff Jumping Story

It was February 2012. Four of us spontaneously planned this bike trip to Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (India). We set off early in the morning at around 3 am. It was blinding-dense fog at that time of the year in the morning. Moreover there was winter-chill in the air. Our jackets didn’t seem to be adequate, but we decided to hit the road. As we reached the Meerut highway, we could see some light in the sky, marking the dawn and very few vehicles ran on the highway. We made an airplane formation with our bikes (three bikes) and drove at 100 km/hr. Sometimes we changed the formation into various other forms like arc , angles etc. It was great to drive our bikes on an almost empty 4 lane wide highway.

After hours of driving, we reached Rishikesh in the afternoon. We booked tents in the valley 16 kms from the Shivpuri location which would have given us a stretch of 24 kms of white-water rafting.

After an evening of beer, dance, bonfire and DJ, next morning we started for the rafting. Rafting has always been a passion for me, but what was waiting next for me was far more exciting. Not many tourists at that time of the year, there were only 3 rafts sailing on the turbulent waters of the river. We reached the spot which had stony banks on either side.


The guide told us, we can do cliff jumping from the 40-50 feet high cliff on one side of the bank. I had never done this before and I was overly excited. I stead passed everybody to be the first to jump off that high cliff. At first the guide jumped to show us how to do it.

I was taking deep breaths, probably because of excitement but little fear also must have taken part in it. I had done this in the swimming pools, but not from that height and that too into such cold water.

I stayed on the edge for a moment to see the height, errr… rather depth of the cliff below, and in flash out of instinct I jumped of somersaulting without giving much thought to it.

It was a superb experience and it didn’t seem risky at all. I did it for 5 times more as others enjoyed hot maggie noodles in the cold.

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