The Bungee Jumping Story

It was summer 2012. In the month of may, it was hot in Delhi. One of us planned and in fact forced us to visit Rishikesh. It was hot and I haven’t been out for a couple of months that year. So I decided to take this trip.

We had a bike, and others had booked a cab. Not much of the journey to tell. I would jump into the Bungee Jumping story now.

Me and one of my friends, Faisal, decided to do it the day before we were supposed to leave from Delhi. I watched some of the bungee jumping videos and even the videos gave me a thrill. I had a tussle between my heart and my mind and still I had no idea if I was going to do it.

In the morning when others declined the idea and left for trekking to the waterfall, me and Faisal, decided to drive to the Jumpin Heights site. As we were on our way, Faisal said: “Bhai, I’ll be jumping first and then you.” I happily obliged. When we reached the spot, we headed for the cafeteria for some snacks. The big TV in the cafeteria displayed the LIVE videos of the jumpers. The sound was muted and even though the muted video instilled little fear in our hearts, unmuting it would have definitely forced us to drive back to our camp.

But we hung on. After the snacks and discussions on the videos, we went for the booking. After all the security check and certificate declarations, we were taken to the Jumping site. Two New Zealanders were waiting for us with a smile. As we stepped into the platform, I had fear running through my veins, but I kept calm.

The guides (New Zealanders), asked us who among us would be daring to go for it first. I looked at Faisal, he smiled nervously and said: “Bhai, I have changed my decision. You go first!” I burst into laughter and mentioned the event to the guides. They too laughed as they tied me with ropes and metal on my waist and legs.

The lady guide constantly tried to motivate me and told me it would be a fabulous experience, once in a life time etc. I did hear all she said but at that time I couldn’t understand a word. I only looked at the height of the place as wind passed my legs from beneath the platform.

All the time, I kept telling myself: “I can do it! I can do it!” After the second round of check of the ropes and the knots I was slowly walked to the edge of the platform. I carefully looked down and fear ran through me. The guide must have noticed it as he mentioned: “I you want you can avoid looking down.”

I was taking deep breaths as I heard the guide shout loud: “Here we go… Three… Two… One…” and then “Bungee” and I jumped out like a bird. Initial few seconds out of the unknown feeling of free fall, I cursed myself of jumping, and then in a few seconds the thrill overpowered my initial feelings and I started to enjoy it to my core. I shrieked loud out of excitement and I could feel the winds embracing me.

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